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What Is Coming Up For Me Today

Kathy's Musings

Kathy’s Musings

What is coming up for me today.

By Kathy Eller, MusingAbout.ca

Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown. Brian Tracy

. Life can be tricky at times. It can be sensitive and overwhelming. It can leave you feeling fragile and exhausted. This could be seen as a form of despair. I believe the world today is in a fragile sensitive state of mind.

Despair has its place in our journey here on earth. I guess it helps us move forward. Gives us a jolt. Can kick us into gear to get the hell away from a bad situation. Jolt us into action from a subdued consciousness. It tears us from our comfort zone. Are you awake now? Hello, do you hear me now? Did I knock you off your high chair?  Despair is there to make us react. Time to shift when shit happens.

If in doubt remove yourself. Move away from what isn’t serving you any good.  Move away from despair. Allow yourself to let it move through you then move merrily away from it. This could be a physical move or mentally changing your mindset to let it go. For me it helps to get up and move about. Start working on a task even so little as clearing of that kitchen island or going outside for a walk. Shifting your thoughts to a new task. Take action to protect yourself from despair when you make the choice to keep moving forward.

You are alive. Keep going you’ve come so far. Don’t give despair permission to run your life.  Stay wide awake enjoy the scenery on this crazy road trip called life. Can you hear your living soundtrack playing out in your mind?

Be mindful of your thoughts especially with feelings of despair and loss. Learn from it. Move on from it.

A way of coping with your messy feelings is by writing them down. Journaling sure has helped me.  If you’d like to learn more about my journalling practices, come follow me on

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All my best,

Kathy Eller

Issue No. 5
Kathy Eller is the owner creator of MusingAbout.ca

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Kathy Eller

Kathy Eller

MusingAbout Stories to Live By

Kathy Eller is the owner/creator of MusingAbout.ca

When Kathy created Musing About Stories to Live by, she was thinking of all you creative beings. To create a space to be brave with expression, creativity showcased. A space to make the choice to create a better today.

Kathy’s thought is “wouldn’t it be great to lead by example on how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and informative stories?” Make it normal to see the ‘good’,

Kathy’s daily practice of journaling has brought her to new paths in her life. She has become a best-selling author – Magdalene Rising: Feminine Leaders Guided by Her Fierce and Unconditional Wisdom was created to bring together the magic of empowering feminine voices. Isis- Her second submitted chapter was in the best-selling book Mother of Magic. Now her third submitted chapter in the Magdalene Codes. Published by KIVA Publishing Become a Day Dream Believer. Kathy is currently creating a journaling community at Musing About – Journal Your Way to a Better Today. You never know where your journaling and writing will take you.

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