About Us.

The concept of Musing About came to its founder, Kathy Eller, a few years ago after being let go from a marketing position.
This gave way for an entrepreneur mindset. “It has always been in my subconscious that I can be doing what I am doing for someone else (who doesn’t appreciate me) and do it for myself”.
The new online magazine was created to help live a life from a good place. Kathy’s thought is – wouldn’t it be great to lead by example of how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and useful information.
A place where readers can learn something new or give them something to dream or aspire to. Like art, writing, garden, nature, travel – it is a whole big world out there, now is the time to bite off a piece of it! Kathy wants to help the subconscious mind to become conscious in a subliminal way. Live each day to the fullest. Be in your current state of mind. The first step is to make a choice. The choice to make a change and love your life.
Musing About will have a collection of articles and stories from various writers, artists, travelers, and so many more happy and pleasurable places. This could really be wide open as the online community is worldwide.

It’s a Lifestyle


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