Musing About is a platform by which local news stories, featured artists and events are promoted and celebrated within Oxford County and surrounding area.

Appreciating the various talents and experiences of our community

Our focus is to promote:

Local Talent

Artists & Writers

Local Business

Advertising and promotional articles

Community Events

What’s happening in our community

How It All Started

The concept of Musing About came to its founder, Kathy Eller, a few years ago when she realized that there was a gap in online information services in which local businesses and talents were exposed. The idea was to provide the community with a place in which anyone, business or individuals could share their resources and connect with one another.

Kathy Eller – Founder

Kathy extensive experience working with local community papers in media marketing. Musing about is something she has done over the years, by reflecting and observing the way media portrayed local events and people. It is from this personal experience and insight that she was inspired to create this concept of Musing About. Owning her own business allowed her to express her long-time dream of being entrepreneurial as well as giving back to her community.