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Pay attention to right now while you are searching for your life’s purpose.

Kathy's Musings

Kathy’s Musings

While we are searching for our life’s purposes, we are missing the present moments.

By Kathy Eller,

Are you listening to the whispers. Those taps on your shoulders. They are telling you to be present. Don’t rush your day planning for a future you aren’t even aware of yet. Your life purpose could just be that of being present with right now. Enjoy your surroundings especially in nature, being in your creative world or even while at work

Living for the future is just as harmful as living from the past.  Be present. Enjoy every minute of the right here and now.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Vivian Greene

Yes, you can put an intention into your day. When we sit and be still you can set an intention such asking for clarity on how I can eat healthier. Set an intention to be more active.

Ask spirit or your higher self how would you like me to show up today? Sit with that thought. What can I do today that will guide me to more clarity with my intention.

Take a break with a quiet time. Be mindful with your thoughts. Take the time to turn off outside interruptions such as phones, TV, pay attention to your thoughts not those of other peoples. One practice that I have been following is restricting myself to read social media comment sections. Listen to your own thoughts. Nothing worse than getting upset with the opinion of someone you know nothing about. Avoid the trap of getting sucked in to the nasty atmosphere that social media creates. 

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your thoughts. Listen to how your body is responding. Your body is telling you when you need to avoid something. Be mindful of you – and – you – alone. Change the story you are telling yourself. Get up and move about, this will help you refocus and redirect your thoughts.

A way of coping with your messy feelings is by writing them down. Journaling sure has helped me.  If you’d like to learn more about my journalling practices, come follow me on

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All my best,

Kathy Eller

Issue No. 5
Kathy Eller is the owner creator of

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Kathy Eller

Kathy Eller

MusingAbout Stories to Live By

Kathy Eller is the owner/creator of

When Kathy created Musing About Stories to Live by, she was thinking of all you creative beings. To create a space to be brave with expression, creativity showcased. A space to make the choice to create a better today.

Kathy’s thought is “wouldn’t it be great to lead by example on how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and informative stories?” Make it normal to see the ‘good’,

Kathy’s daily practice of journaling has brought her to new paths in her life. She has become a best-selling author – Magdalene Rising: Feminine Leaders Guided by Her Fierce and Unconditional Wisdom was created to bring together the magic of empowering feminine voices. Isis- Her second submitted chapter was in the best-selling book Mother of Magic. Now her third submitted chapter in the Magdalene Codes. Published by KIVA Publishing Become a Day Dream Believer. Kathy is currently creating a journaling community at Musing About – Journal Your Way to a Better Today. You never know where your journaling and writing will take you.

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