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It’s a Self-Awareness Thing

Kathy's Musings

By Kathy Eller,

Heal when you become aware of your inner self.

Taking time to be self-aware of your life is not selfish, it’s an awareness thing. Be in a state of self-awareness, that’s where you need to be some days to figure things out.

How you act, breathe, and take time to do something for yourself is all about living your life as your medicine. 

Our mindsets truly do heal us and keep us living the best life we can. Our energies match other energies, so why wouldn’t you want an upbeat high vibe energetic self. When you change the story about something happening in your life, I find it is like magic how the energy shifts about that thought.

Are we so addicted to low energy fields that we have trouble accepting a better outlook. We’ve been conditioned to be comfortable with stress and anxiety so much that we can’t accept positive outcomes. 

I know for me I felt that if I stay low vibe then I won’t feel any disappointment. Why is this?

That is what I would like to help with…bring awareness to how we fear disappointment. Is it easier to live from fear than living from ‘the good’. Even when you talk about faith and having faith for positive outcomes, we often get taken back by someone’s comment about faith. Faith isn’t always a controlled religion it is about having faith in the good that is all around us.

For me writing down my dreams, ideas, ‘power’ words and phrases has helped me to get out of my own way.  My internal world comes to life. Move along from your hidden shadows.  Sit still, Muse About your days. Write about the reflections of your day. 

Write it as a memoir, write out the dialogue of your day.

Write out your daydreams.

Bring your life alive when you write it out.

Create your safe space to have those personal somewhat difficult to have conversations.

If you been thinking of creatively writing down your thoughts? Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  My journey could help you overcome any fear you may have of exploring your journaling experience. Follow my writing journey at  When I created Musing About Stories to Live By my thought was wouldn’t it be great to lead by example of how to live a good life by offering uplifting content and resourceful and useful information.  Musing About has a collection of articles and stories from empowering voices.


Join our Multi Author Project. Everything about Musing About Stories to Live By reflects growth.

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I’m hoping that with my stories you to will stop hiding. Don’t dim your shining light just to fit in. And don’t wait so long in life to realize this.

Along the way be vulnerable enough to be a truth teller. Write that down. A way of coping with your messy feelings is by writing them down.  Journaling sure has helped me. If you’d like to learn more about my journaling practices, come join my community sign up to learn more visit Join today and I will send you my FREE 5-day journaling challenge

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All my best,

Kathy Eller

Issue No. 5
Kathy Eller is the owner creator of

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Kathy Eller

Kathy Eller

MusingAbout Stories to Live By

Kathy Eller is the owner/creator of

When Kathy created Musing About Stories to Live by, she was thinking of all you creative beings. To create a space to be brave with expression, creativity showcased. A space to make the choice to create a better today.

Kathy’s thought is “wouldn’t it be great to lead by example on how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and informative stories?” Make it normal to see the ‘good’,

Kathy’s daily practice of journaling has brought her to new paths in her life. She has become a best-selling author – Magdalene Rising: Feminine Leaders Guided by Her Fierce and Unconditional Wisdom was created to bring together the magic of empowering feminine voices. Isis- Her second submitted chapter was in the best-selling book Mother of Magic. Now her third submitted chapter in the Magdalene Codes. Published by KIVA Publishing Become a Day Dream Believer. Kathy is currently creating a journaling community at Musing About – Journal Your Way to a Better Today. You never know where your journaling and writing will take you.

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