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So how do you mend a broken heart?

You move away?

Go semi retired?

Start over?

By Kathy Eller, MusingAbout.ca

Okay so you moved away…out of province. Actually to a new province! Who would have thought. An island! Yep, an island a maritime island.  When you put an offer on a house and in 30 days you sell your current house. You need to bust your butt to clear out the old to make room for the new.  You can’t take everything with you, well  you could but the whole move is about starting new, starting from scratch. Going through the purging process can go quick but you will feel remorse for passing on your stuff to charity or the big one… dumping in a dumpster or many visits to the local waste management location.

It is a growing process and yes you will go through a stage of mourning those things. It isn’t just the things it’s the memory of those things. Especially if they where items inherited by family members who are no longer here. But then you were living in a state of grief because those family members are no longer here and you have been living with the stuff that triggers you to miss them so much.

Grief, I believe is the key source of our wows and heart ache.  If you can just recognize that your depressed feelings are generated by grief. That is my opinion anyways. Living from the past can keep you in a life of sorrow and grief.  One day you will get up out of bed and yearn to shake those grieving feelings away.

Be fair to yourself as these feelings will be with you throughout your life. Learning how to let them pass through your soul will bring you relief. Acknowledge those feelings tell yourself that it’s okay to feel them while they are being present move those feeling of grief to gratitude. Be grateful that those loved ones where and are still part of your being. Think of the good times you spent with them even laugh out loud. Be grateful you have those cherished memories.

All my best,

Kathy Eller

Kathy Eller is the owner creator of MusingAbout.ca

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