Fri, May 19, 2023

You Are Your Own Change Maker

Journal Your Way to a Better You
When you spend time musing about your day. You will be inclined to relfelct and journal.

Trust that you can quickly move along when you make the choice to tell yourself another story about a situation.






One day I declared to a friend a dream I had for myself.  That dream was to be close to the water’s edge to pursue my writing and creativity.  Verbally declaring my dream was the spring board for my next move. That heart warming feeling has stayed with me – guided me along my merry way. You are your own change maker.  Manifest change and it will find you.  So now that I have made a big change in my life my sparkle has made a comeback.

 We all have knowledge and talents that represent a seed. Grow your garden of hope by exploring your thoughts. When you spend time musing about your day, you will be inclined to reflect and journal.

Take this time to venture into your own mind when you are out in nature or out for an urban walk around town. Writing down your thoughts stimulates you to grow and to learn about yourself. You will begin to grow and open your thoughts to new ways of thinking. You may just make the choice to make some changes in your life. Stepping out of your ordinary way of thinking. Creating a new way of life with new thoughts and dreams. Changing the stories of past events can guide you to making these changes. Start writing down those difficult and sometimes sensitive conversations you have with yourself. Seeing them on paper, reflect on your words. Your written words will bring your conversations to life.

 Have you been thinking of creatively writing down your thoughts? Follow me on Instagram and Facebook (links are in my bio). My journey could help you overcome any fear you may have of exploring your journaling experience. Follow my writing journey at  My writing has led me to producing my own publication Musing About stories to live by.  I created this publication to help us live a life from a place of good. My thought was wouldn’t it be great to lead by example of how to live a good life by offering uplifting content and resourceful and useful information.  Musing About has a collection of articles and stories from various writers. The first step is to make a choice. The choice to make a change and love your life. Your life is your medicine so get busy living it. This restart can happen right now.

Coming soon! Island Life Journaling Retreat and my online journaling community. Spend a couple of days here on the red sandy beaches of Prince Edward Island or learn to journal with me online. Are you ready to share your story? Join my multi author project for Musing About stories to live by. Who knows what life path your journalling will take you on.

I have become a best-selling author – Magdalene Rising, Feminine Leaders Guided by Her Fierce.  My second submitted chapter was in the best-selling book Isis, Mother of Magic.  My third submitted chapter was in another best-selling book Magdalene Codes. All published by KIVA Publishing. Priestess of Lemuria will be my fourth chapter collaboration with Kiva Publishing.

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 Meet Kathy in Issue 5 of Musing About Magazine.

Kathy Eller

Kathy Eller

MusingAbout Stories to Live By

Kathy Eller is the owner/creator of

When Kathy created Musing About Stories to Live by, she was thinking of all you creative beings. To create a space to be brave with expression, creativity showcased. A space to make the choice to create a better today.

Kathy’s thought is “wouldn’t it be great to lead by example on how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and informative stories?” Make it normal to see the ‘good’,

Kathy’s daily practice of journaling has brought her to new paths in her life. She has become a best-selling author – Magdalene Rising: Feminine Leaders Guided by Her Fierce and Unconditional Wisdom was created to bring together the magic of empowering feminine voices. Isis- Her second submitted chapter was in the best-selling book Mother of Magic. Now her third submitted chapter in the Magdalene Codes. Published by KIVA Publishing Become a Day Dream Believer. Kathy is currently creating a journaling community at Musing About – Journal Your Way to a Better Today. You never know where your journaling and writing will take you.

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May the 4th Be With You

May the 4th Be With You

Getting it off your chest and facing your drama full on is what can help you to get over your messy gnarly bits. Face them like the super power you are.  Write that down. Tell the truth. Trust the outcome of facing your messy gnarly bits.