By Kathy Eller,

Making the choice to realize that the past is just that the past.

You cannot fix it relive it or change it in any way.  You can however bring new light to the story you tell yourself about the past. We all have situations from our childhood that can sabotage a current situation.  When we tell ourselves I’m just not good enough to make that kind of money or only other people live that way. This thinking comes from growing up in lack. Lack of money lack and lack of self confidence. Because you where always told to save for a rainy day or why would you think you should have money. 

Life was not meant to be lived from the past or worrying about the future.  Once you make the choice to change the way you look at things. The things you look at change. Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer for those words. Your words have helped me make the choice to change the way I look at my life.

Creating boundaries are also a way to set an intention to create a new vision a new personal reality for yourself.

Something I learned from a life coach is that it is not your responsibility to manage anyone’s response to your truth. Do not worry if they get upset or angry. It just is not your job to manage their response. Are you willing to consider your own needs as mush as you consider the needs of others?

Over the years I have practiced and studied boundary setting.

Become a master at setting boundaries when it comes to your mindset and how you want to show up in this world.  Setting boundaries on how to react to a situation and how you respond to other people’s vision of you. If you can stick to your boundaries, you will be surprised at how things can turn around for yourself. 

Make your ‘today’ your piece of heaven here on earth.

Let your light sparkle even just for yourself. Do not worry if it is too bright for someone else. Be so sparkly that they will need to wear sunglasses when they look at you.  Be who you are that is the only you that you need to be.  You know that when you show your light that some might find it too bright. You were given a unique gift of being you to show up in this world. You are worthy of receiving even if it is not perfectly curated.

Show up as you – a perfectly imperfectly created you. A perfectly curated messy you.

By making the choice to make a change in your life you are creating open air to allow miracles to show up. The miracles you are seeking are seeking you. Be clear about your thoughts add new intentions to what you want, not what you do not want.  Remember that everything is energy. Like attracts like.

I thought of these three steps for making change:  Focus on what you want – focus on solutions not the problem. Create a new intention for what you want, I would like to see my life look like _____ one year from now.  Imagine your greatest life- what would your greatest life look like. Stop and imagine what these three steps look like for you.

Live today with an attitude of GRATITUDE for TODAY. 

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