By Kathy Eller,

For me there have been a few whether they are relationship tunnels, career tunnels or everyday tunnels. Even this tunnel called COVID.

We never really get to that one tunnel, do we? Well we do reach a final tunnel but that’s when we leave our physical bodies isn’t it.

You see we never really get to where we want to get to.  In life we keep growing and each tunnel changes over time.  So, I guess we need to be at peace with the tunnel in front of us.

If you have reached and gone through a few tunnels that tells you that you keep growing, you keep going, you keep dreaming.

Be grateful for the scenery along the way. That scenery is what keeps you moving on to the next tunnel.

When things don’t always work out (in your mind that is) don’t take it as failure take the lessons learnt and move forward. At least you keep receiving the ability to move on.

“In a dark tunnel all we need is to move because no exit shall

 ever appear before us by itself!  Move is the very exit itself where

there seems to be no exit.”

                                                                                                  Mehmet Murat ildan

Shift happens when we make the choice to move.

Being a woman of the latter part of 50 something I sure have been doing some ‘Day -Dream -Believing’ for the next tunnel that I will be passing through.  I’m not sure about you but I feel that the next tunnel has to bring me Peace Love and Joy by living a grateful day to day life.   It’s the ME tunnel.

Something that I once read, “It’s a time you stop giving power to other people’s judgement and focus more on my contribution and my spiritual connection”

The time is now to allow only high vibrational experienced into your life.

Relationships, fitness, nutrition, special interests/hobbies, and mindfulness that is on the path to my latest tunnel.

I can help you my ‘Day- Dream- Believer’, with a specially crafted Day Dream Believer Journaling course.

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