Something I have been working on. I’m sure we all have those moments of being let down when we have been ignored.  Get over the pity party there is now time in this life for such silliness!

My new thinking is that is okay.  It is not your business to worry about whatother people have going on in their heads. Telling yourself a new story about what is happening is usually the best way to help yourself deal with being let down.

The let down feeling is our own thought no one else’s. Take back your ownership of the situation, stop putting so much pressure on yourself and putting so many expectations on other people.

I’ve read so many posts about letting go of toxic people. Sure, it’s always good to surround yourself with upbeat positive people. And let us just say that the toxic people may not even know they are being toxic. Again, it is all in how we tell the story to ourselves that creates our reaction to something or someone.

Maybe it is something that comes with age and living through situations that we come to realize it’s okay to say ‘Not today’, I am at peace with who I am and who I have become.

Learning to be okay with not being invited, included, or considered is a good thing. Just stay in the now moment. Does it really matter that you weren’t invited or considered, maybe it was for the better anyways? Not everything is meant for your path in this life.

If we stay in a world where there is

Love, Peace, Joy and Gratitude it all works out in the end.

Take care of yourself stay out of other people’s business about what they are thinking or not thinking when it comes to how they feel about you.  

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