A ‘Peace’ of My Heaven here on Earth…

Change in the seasons that is what it felt like visiting my friend Mary and her horses (aka ‘field healers’)
Story by Kathy Eller with Mary Howe

The change in the world means we need to make changes to survive.

Mary happens to be one such person. She is watching how her Dream of a restorative and educational farm is having to make a shift due to the covid storm.

It is hitting her heart hard. She says she has never though in all her years that she would become hardened to her feelings out of a necessity caused by a storm called covid. But she has found a source of resilience within this storm and is making changes to stary a head of what may or may not possibly happen.


Sunflower Farms Where Learning is Cultivated

Losing the Dream of an educational restorative centre is not an option for Mary.  Redesigning and utilizing 40 acres what once was grazing paddocks of farmland now will grow the hay needed to feed her farm animals; this has now taken priority on the agenda. The balance of harvested hay can find itself being sold and with hope help with the many outstanding expenses implemented by this storm.  But, right now Mary’s main concern is working on finding Therapeutic Farms that will consider adopting and helping her partner in saving the lives of her farm animals. Mary also works alongside a sister branch called Sonflower Stables which is a not for profit segment of this Dream.  Having to be closed to the public right now means that there are no or few clients for the profit sector of this Farm nor can any outdoor Fundraisers be on the agenda for our not-for-profit sector causing no or few donations coming in.

A Peace of My Heaven here on Earth, read more of this intriguing story in Issue 1 of Musing About Magazine.

Kathy Eller

Kathy Eller

Creator of Musing About

from Kathy the creator of Musing About. Wouldn’t it be great to lead by example of how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and useful information? A place where readers can learn something new or give them something to dream or aspire to. Like art, writing, garden, nature, travel.... it’s a whole big world out there. And I guess I’m ready to bite off a piece of it.
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