Six Strategies for Living Life Full On

A six-part series by Teresa Syms, Coach, Author and Speaker.
For many of us, if we were to stop and take a long, hard look at our lives in the present, we may see that we are existing and not truly living life to its fullest.

Welcome to Part 3 of the a 6 Part Series

Let me start by sharing the definitions of what I believe Courage and Strength are.

I believe Courage is:  putting aside your fears and taking action to conquer what frightens you. 

The definition of Strength to me is:  being strong in either and/or both in physical and mental abilities.

Every day think about something that frightens you and attack it!  When you keep your concentrate and focus on the end result, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.  The courage and strength will come to you.  What frightens you can provide you with the courage and strength to grow and step away from your fears.

Do not be afraid to dive deep in your Inner You Work.  Never give up, you are never alone. 

I have found that breaking down the fear of the activity into small steps can produce great results.  Take a look at what you want to achieve; break the goal down into small bite size pieces, and then just attack each step, one at a time.  Remember to celebrate your successes, and don’t fret about the setbacks.  They happen and you can learn from them.

For example, I had a fear of being in small dark spaces.  This stems from my early childhood being trapped in a dark closet to avoid the abuse that was common in my home.  From that time onward, dark, confined spaces took my breath away and began creating post traumatic stress and anxiety for me.  Once I realized that I am in charge of my own fear, and can change the story around that fear, I was able to take small steps.  For example, going into a small dark room and just sitting and doing some extensive breathing really helped to deflate my fear.  Then, I was able to go into a smaller, more confined space and practice just being there and alone.  I repeated to myself, I’m safe, I’m strong, This space does not own me.  Repeating that truly helped reduce my fears and deflate the anxiety.

How do you feel at the end of the day? Do you have too much energy for some people; or does your amount of courage and inner strength scare off others? Don’t tone back who you are for the sake of someone else. If the other person is uncomfortable, it is possible they need to go on their own journey of Courage, strength and discovery.  If they are uncomfortable it usually isn’t for you; they are concerned for themselves.  They are projecting their own fears onto you.

It’s important for growth that we challenge ourselves every day.  Otherwise we grow complacent and can stagnate and stay stuck in whatever mire we happen to be in.  Ask yourself everyday what you can tackle that day…notice how that makes you feel.  If the task is making you severely uncomfortable, this is the time for you to explore this more in depth.  If it feels like butterflies in your gut, turn the fear or nervousness into positive energy that will spur you on to conquer your task.

Allow me to leave you with 3 tips to help you Live Your Life Full On. 

  1. Challenge yourself.  Only be in a healthy competition with yourself.  Sometimes being in a competition with other people can be a healthy thing to do.  Other times it can be severely unhappy and unhealthy.  Pick your moments, times and people who you share your world with.
  • Pick one task at a time and work on that skill.  Practicing your skills will instill them into your memory and subconscious.  Once there, they are easier to call on in times of need. Practice is important to learn and maintain your new skills.
  • Never compare yourself and your talents and skills with that of someone else.  Each of us is on a different journey in this world.  Don’t compare your abilities, journey or skill level with others.  You are being unfair to yourself when you do.

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“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” -Marcus Aurelius – Quotes On Strength

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The six topics will include:

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  • Be Courageous and Strong in Your Life
  • Invoke Forgiveness, Assertiveness and Respect
  • Never Give Away Your Personal Power
  • The Law of Attraction: What is it, and How Can We Use it Every Day?

Teresa Syms

Teresa Syms

Coach, Author and Speaker

Teresa Syms is a Coach and Speaker who shifts lives and transforms beliefs. She teaches people to find within themselves their lost joy, happiness and success either in the personal and/or professional lives. Teresa’s belief is that your past does not define your present or future. She shows you that it is possible to regain control of your life.
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