Keeping it all Together

story by Marco Matern
We asked Marco to share how she is able to "Keep it all Together"

Marco is an entrepreneur and on-air radio host who adores her family.

Now here is a great topic I’ve been challenged to contemplate: my life of “Keeping it all Together”. This matter offers so many aspects to my family’s success. For each of us during this crazy pandemic, keeping it, all together holds different experiences. Hopefully, sharing my journey may offer some insight into yours. Here it goes in under 900 words!
Get ready. This short story is jammed-packed with examples of my own, personal journey on how I manage “Keeping It All Together.”

“I keep myself in check by looking at how my schedule aligns within my family’s in that particular moment and I adjust when my work or travel impacts others”

For some of us, keeping it together can mean a heavy workload without many breaks, as we navigate our daily obligations at our jobs and at home. For individuals also offering support to others outside of the home and work, it can be an emotionally and physically exhausting. For some, it can be overwhelming, especially during a pandemic, to simply keep up with the daily routines of responsibility. All around, we’re just tired. Period. I share my story to show you that our perspectives can change outcomes.

My life is a unique one. I am so fortunate to be able to work at a job that allows me growth and flexibility in a remote setting versus a traditional home-office-work-life. My most recent role was based in Amsterdam. What a dream to be able to work from home and travel to Europe for meetings! Sounds amazing, right? Yes, it offers many fabulous opportunities and experiences. However, international life also requires some juggling on the home-front, some personal choices that you may deem to be sacrifices, and an ability to be comfortable saying yes or no in those choices. Read on, my friend.

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Keep Life Simple:

  • Be Present (even when you aren’t)
  • Be Aware
  • Adjust and be Agile because life is unpredictable sometimes.
  • It takes Teamwork. You don’t have to do it all on your own.
  • Nurture communication so everyone is on the same page (it could be as simple as leaving a note of what you’re thinking about – it might just cause a response. How cool would that be!)
  • Keep it all together, my friends.
  • We are, truly, all in this together

Marco Matern

Marco Matern

Entrepreneur and on-air radio host

Marco Matern is an entrepreneur and on-air radio host who adores her family. We asked Marco to share how she is able to ‘keep it all together’. Read her insights and experience on working internationally while still prioritizing her family when traveling across continents. For more about Marco visit her website
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