Enjoyed another Summer Solstice this year.  But this year had a twist. We decided to start the longest day of the year with a sunrise.  The plan was to be on the road to Lake Erie by 4:30 this turned into 4:50 early enough right? We did make it to Port Dover to see the sun come up over the harbour. It was great, a very sunny quiet setting. After Port Dover we traveled along the Lakeshore Rd. to Port Rowan. Here we stopped at the Bird Studies Canada Station (www.birdscanada.org). A short hike on their path we saw a warbler, immature eagle and lots of swallows.

Our next planned stop was the Big Creek National Wildlife Area which is located on the causeway into Long Point We were on the look out for Sandhill cranes but without a viewing scope we were out of luck. But we did see couple of turtles and a very large frog sunning themselves.

Noticing the time, we needed to carry on with our route to Bayfield Ontario to join our other sunset watchers. This part of the journey took us to Aylmer to Clovermead (www.clovermead.com) to purchase some honey.  This place is always busy especially this day as it was a stop for a school trip. Lots of honey enthusiasts.

So, we were getting closer to our destination with our next stop at Heeman’s Garden Centre (www.heeman.ca). Because Nissouri Rd. is on the way to Bayfield don’t you know. And being that it was a few hours since our Tim Hortons breakfast in Port Dover a strawberry sundae was on our minds. And yes they are delicious!

So with bellies full we were on our way to see the sunset on Lake Huron.  We finally made it to Bayfield by 4:00 or so.  Wine time! Checked into The Ashwood Inn (www.theashwood.com) met up with our friends and settled in on the beach for the sunset show. And a show it was.

This was our little road trip. Next time you are looking for something to do why not plan a silly little road trip. We had such fun recording some video and taking lots of pictures. This road trip has become an annual event. Who knows what location we will end up in next year to watch the Summer Solstice Show.