When Life Dulls Your Sparkle

Our creator or higher self seems to know when to put us on a new path. And yes, you have -to- go through some shit to get there but when you realize this it helps you along the way.

When you go through the passing of a loved one and this could be a person or a beloved pet.  This gives you a new look on life for a reason, I believe. It’s time to clear the path and make good of the situation.

We don’t realize it as we are going through ‘it’, we live each day in almost a trance. Looking after a sick cat or if you are going through a tough lack of money faze. Your being goes into defense mode and it seems dull and you wonder if things are going to get better.

This makes me think of people when they tell you to smile. Well sorry but just maybe I am in a dull stage of my time here.  I will smile again, just be patient.

For the past 20 or so years I have been living a dull life, but it is getting clearer. Knowing that I am being taken care of from higher powers than myself.  You take what comes to your life but if you can see the good in little things that happen throughout the day maybe your sparkle will start to reappear.

Saying goodbye to our beloved Winnie. She was a cat that I brought home almost 20 years ago. She was also that last living animal we have had since the passing of my Mother in 2001. So yes, there were extra strings and emotions with Winnie.

Our household has been on hold for the last few years. Holding onto the past with other people’s things; such as little things like blankets, dishes.  Things you have moved from your mom’s home to your home because you think you need to keep it to keep them around you. You even move these things as you move from home to home.

In the past little while the conversation has been about moving on to our life. Not really letting go of the past but put it in a safe place and move on with your life. Those things were someone else’s things. This came clear the other night while looking for a box to hold Winnie in her back yard resting place. Opening the box, we unwrapped things that we had packed away. Our things, things that have been hiding in a box for almost 5 years.

Even though I will go through a tough grieving stage of another loss, I will get through it by bringing out my things. Clearing the air of the past and making way for my life cycle.

I believe that saying goodbye to our Winnie was a message from above to move forward, stop stopping your life and staying in the past. Love and appreciate what-was. You need to make new memories and keep walking on your path in this life.

You are being loved from beyond. By keeping those we have lost in our hearts and memory gives respect to them They want to see us live. Yes, your sparkle will dull but in time you will sparkle again. Trust that it will.  The butterfly that landed on Kim then on me, as we sat down after putting her at rest, told me that we did the right thing last night.  Love the life that someone or something brought to you don’t hold on to the actual loss. That sucks I know, we are here to live in the now, what we go through pushes us on to the path that we are meant to be on