Mon, Nov 9, 2020

Is it me or does everyone find that we have been blessed with a new light?

November and the sun still shines its bright light and warmth on us!

2020 has been a year of dark and a dim light.  9 months are enough.  We are still contending with this storm we call COVID but I believe part of the light is that our neighbours to the south finally made a decision. Whether blue or red, frankly I am glad that we have passed through that lower state of consciousness.

Time to move forward. Getting back to living would be a good plan for this day forward. Let’s embrace this gift from God or source whoever you receive your messages from. We can get through the next few months if we keep moving forward and living. 

Getting out and having the fresh air warm your insides. 

According to a facebook post I read from Maryanne Savino (, that Wanda Csanyi posted on her page to bring this message to my attention, we are in for the largest sunspot of the new solar cycle (AR2781) that will be facing Earth. This means any eruptions will be geoeffective, directly targeting our planet.  Savino’s post state that the sunspot has produced only C-class solar flares, but stronger eruptions are possible.

Solar flare Activity:  November 8, 2020 sure did begin with a bang. On Sunday November 8, 2020, the (0518 UT), giant sunspots AR2781 produced a C5-class solar flare.  Stronger eruptions are possible. Sunspot AR2781 has a “beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbours energy for M-class flares, 10 x’s more intense than a C-flare. NOAA forecasters say there is a 15% change of such an eruption on Sunday, November 8, 2020 a day after the US election finally produced a decision.

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Not in my words but from the website :SUNSPOT ARCHIPELAGO: Sunspots are magnetic islands on the sun. Sunspot AR2781 is a complete archipelago. Scroll down to scan more than 100,000 miles of island chain: Amateur astronomer Alan Friedman took the picture on Nov. 8th from his backyard observatory in Buffalo, New York. “AR2781 is a tremendous archipelago and a wonderful target for backyard solar telescopes,” he says.

The island metaphor is apt. Sunspots are buoyant concentrations of magnetism that float on a sea of solar plasma. The archipelago, above, consists of one big island about as wide as Earth plus dozens of lesser isles ranging in size from US states to small planets.

AR2781 is currently facing Earth, and it poses a threat for C-class solar flares. Such flares can cause minor radio blackouts and, if they hurl a CME in our direction, moderately-strong geomagnetic storms. (View link for more information and understanding of this topic.)

However, you look at it let’s take these last few days and hold on to the power of the bright light. Share your inner light with anyone you meet and anyone you are thinking of during these lower vibrational months that we have passed through. This is a time to stay conscious of the now and keep shining our bright light. 

Together we can create a great BIG sunspot of bright light consciousness!

I believe that we just have to keep moving when we feel the dark coming on. Get up move around fold that laundry, Even get the ironing board out. Turn the music on and have an ironing dance party. Be silly be that 5-year-old. For the one week challenge I have created a Day Dream Believer journal

Let’s make it normal to see the good. Taking time to take note of what we are grateful for and write down those day dreams.

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Hello from Kathy Eller the creator and founder of We are so excited to bring you our next edition of Musing About. This time we will be Musing About the Countryside. We have a couple of new contributors that have been touring the Countryside.

Musing About was created to help live a life from a good place.  Our thought is, “wouldn’t it be great to lead by example on how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and informative stories.”

This is a place where readers can learn something new or to daydream or aspire to making a change in their lives. Like art, writing, nature, travel – it is a whole big world out there, now is the time to bite off a piece of it.

Let’s Connect by Making it Normal to see the Good. You will notice that we are a creatively curated magazine.

We hope you enjoy your copy of Musing About!

Kathy Eller is the Owner/Creator of Musing Stories to Live By

Kathy Eller

Kathy Eller

MusingAbout Stories to Live By

Kathy Eller is the owner/creator of

When Kathy created Musing About Stories to Live by, she was thinking of all you creative beings. To create a space to be brave with expression, creativity showcased. A space to make the choice to create a better today.

Kathy’s thought is “wouldn’t it be great to lead by example on how to live a good life with uplifting content and resourceful and informative stories?” Make it normal to see the ‘good’,

Kathy’s daily practice of journaling has brought her to new paths in her life. She has become a best-selling author – Magdalene Rising: Feminine Leaders Guided by Her Fierce and Unconditional Wisdom was created to bring together the magic of empowering feminine voices. Isis- Her second submitted chapter was in the best-selling book Mother of Magic. Now her third submitted chapter in the Magdalene Codes. Published by KIVA Publishing Become a Day Dream Believer. Kathy is currently creating a journaling community at Musing About – Journal Your Way to a Better Today. You never know where your journaling and writing will take you.

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